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Safety and wellbeing

We all have our part to play in making sure children are safe and enjoy good pysical and mental health so they can reach their potential.

Schools have policies and practices in place to keep children safe. Here are some ideas about how parents can offer support around exams, what to do if your child doesn't want to go to school and what to look out for if you think your child is being bullied.

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Top tips for 'sharenting' parents

Social worker, Debbie Greaves tells us how parents can make informed choices about what they choose to share on social media. Find out more
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Supporting kids at exam time

Whatever comment your child makes in passing, even if something seems like a bit of banter, don't ignore it. Find out more
News, views and FAQs

In the news: School is 'the main cause of stress' for children

Nearly half of 12-year-olds report feeling sad or anxious at least once a week, survey finds School is the biggest source of stress for young people, according to a new survey by children's charity Barnardo's. Read the full Tes article here.

Blog: How to encourage daily physical activity in children

We all know it's good for our children to lead active lifestyles thanks to the research of the World Health Organization and others. With busy lives, it can be difficult to strike the right balance of ensuring our children are moving enough and eating nutritious, balanced meals throughout the day – at home and at school. So how much is enough? Read our blog from Amy Hallisley at The Daily Mile.

Blog: What parents need to know about sexting

Some children believe ‘sexting’ simply means sending flirty written texts, with the sharing of images, or sending ‘nudes’, a separate entity. As a result, many parents are unclear about what is illegal or unwise. Criminal solicitor Nick Titchener explains what 'sexting' is, the risks and how to talk to your children about it.

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