About Be School Ready

2018 Welcome Pack magazine

What is the Be School Ready Campaign?

The Be School Ready Campaign began with a pilot in 2015, with the aim of encouraging parents to have a voice in strengthening their children's education.  It's now in its third successful year.

At the centre of the campaign is the distribution of Welcome Packs to PTAs and Friends Associations across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, with 120,000 set to go out in 2017.  The packs are designed to be handed out to the parents of children about to start school at welcome meetings - offering parents support at a daunting time, introducing them the work of the PTA, and encouraging them to get involved.  Our members have told us they're a great way to get to know parents.

Each packs contain a magazine packed with tips for new parents, activities and competitions for children, and offers from Parentkind's approved suppliers. PTAs are invited to apply for packs in early spring, to be delivered in time for Welcome Meetings in May and June.

The 2017 Welcome Packs have now run out for this year - if you missed them please try again in 2018.

"Parental involvement in education is incredibly important, and in some cases has been found to add the equivalent of two to three extra years to a child’s education. Yet the first day of school can be just as daunting for parents, as it can be for children, especially when they’ve never experienced it before. So, to make it that little bit easier for parents and children we're delivering these Welcome Packs to as many schools as possible; giving parents some much needed support, and showing them that no matter how much time they have to offer, their involvement in their child’s education need not end at the school gates.” Emma Hunt, Chief Executive, Parentkind.

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