Free funding for your PTA

Thinking of different ways to raise funds for your PTA isn’t always easy, however, we have a member benefit that puts the fun back into fundraising. easyfundraising turns everyday online shopping into free donations for your school.

How easyfundraising works

As a nation of avid online shoppers, easyfundraising makes everyday spending work for your PTA by turning online purchases into free funding. easyfundraising works with all the leading retailers; Amazon, John Lewis, M&S, George at ASDA, Clarks, Sainsbury’s, and 5,200 others who all give a percentage donation to your school when parents and supporters shop with them. It’s completely free and doesn’t cost parents or supporters anything.

As a long-standing partner, we know easyfundraising is a hassle-free and low-maintenance way of our PTAs fundraising throughout the year. Our partnership has raised over £5M for schools across the UK, which has helped fund all sorts of things, including equipment, new materials for pupils, and special projects that school budgets wouldn’t usually cover.

Member benefits:

  • An easy and hassle-free way of fundraising all year, creating a steady stream of income
  • Free toolkits, flyers, pre-built messages, and more to promote your fundraising to parents and supporters
  • Dedicated PTA coaches who offer free advice and 121 fundraising support calls weekdays from 09:30 – 18:30
  • Real-time reporting on how much you’ve raised

Why PTAs love easyfundraising:

“What’s great is that it enables every parent to contribute to the school at no cost to them." The Owens School Association, £12,355 raised so far

“It really is a very easy, low effort, way of raising funds – so simple that it is hard to make people believe that it is true!” Co-Chair, Tormead School, £4271 raised so far

 “easyfundraising is great. It is only our first month, but already we are starting to see donations adding up. It’s great to have other ways of fundraising during these difficult times when it is not possible to run a lot of normal events. It’s really easy and enables families to raise money for the school while doing their everyday shopping. The marketing tools and social media messages and posters make it really easy to share with the school community.” Friends of Swing Gate School, £290 raised so far

Join over 6,000 PTAs

To get started, visit easyfundraising.org.uk/Parentkind and fill in the simple registration form. It takes a matter of minutes and is COMPLETELY FREE. Your PTA doesn’t have to be a registered charity to use easyfundraising.

Watch: How it works, how to get more people involved and how to raise more


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