Ralloo Q&As

What happens once I've registered?

Ralloo will contact you by email once a suitable sponsor comes on board for your campaign. From there Ralloo will help you get started and set up a campaign page, which you will be able to upload information about your fundraising project to.

How will I be contacted when the first sponsor opportunities are available?

Ralloo will contact pre-registered PTAs first (via e-mail using the details that you have registered with) when an opportunity becomes available, then those who have registered normally will be contacted shortly after. PTAs will also be notified by Parentkind in the bi-weekly newsletters and member communications (and at this stage will be able to sign up if not registered).

Why wasn't my PTA invited to take part in the pilot?

Parentkind asked in its last membership survey (Sept 2016) for PTAs to indicate if they would like to take part in pilot projects. These were the PTAs invited to take part on the basis they would be able to provide feedback and assistance in developing the programme for roll out to all members.

What do supporters typically have to do?

Sponsors will require supporters to undertake a number of different actions and these will vary by campaign. Typically your supporters might need to do a selection of the following: watch a video online, read a short description, subscribe to a newsletter, share your PTAs campaign on Facebook, follow the sponsor on Facebook or download an app.

Supporters are not required at any point to purchase, donate or contribute financially. They only contribute their time, normally no more than 5 minutes. They don't have to complete all the tasks and could contribute by just a few.

Who can we rally to support our campaign?

Anyone can support your campaign from parents, your friends, family and the wider community. The Ralloo platform and campaign pages for each school are designed so that supporters can easily identify the school they want to support and easily undertake the actions. Some of the pilot schools were very successful in championing the cause in the wider community and garnering support from local people.

How much can we raise with Ralloo?

Each project is based upon raising points which at the end of the campaign are converted in to funds for your PTA. When applying to take part in a campaign you stipulate a target which you think your school can achieve within the campaign period. Each sponsor will have different goals so its best to apply for those that are most suited to your school project.

Sponsors will typically fund individual schools between £500 and £1,000. The average raised per school over the 10 day period of the pilot with Bloom and Wild was £600.

What happens if we don't hit the points target?

Your PTA will be awarded a portion of the funds based upon the number of points achieved. In some cases a sponsor may require a minimum number of points to be achieved by your school before you are eligible for the funding (e.g. 50%). If this is the case, this will be clearly indicated when you apply to take part in the campaign.

When do I receive the funds?

Funds for successful participation will normally be paid within 4-8 weeks of the campaign.

Do we have to show how we have used the funds?

When registering for a campaign you will be agreeing to Ralloo's terms and conditions which will vary from campaign to campaign. Ralloo may contact you to discuss how successful your project was.

What do we do if we have funds leftover after the project is complete?

We ask that PTAs only apply for funds sufficient to complete the project that the sponsor is looking to support. In the unlikely event of any small surplus we would ask PTAs to use the funds in their wider activity in support of their school.

How many PTAs can take part in each campaign?

Each campaign will have limited availability based upon the corporate sponsors individual requirements. Working with Ralloo we hope to make sure that campaigns are available across the UK, suitable of large and small schools, with a mix of different projects available for funding.

How many campaigns can my PTA take part in each year?

Your PTA can take part in as many campaigns as you wish. Those PTAs that have participated in the pilot advised that they think they could take part in one per term.

Why do we have to raise for a specific purpose?

The corporate sponsors want to see the funding they provide used in ways that reflect their corporate values, particular areas of expertise or areas where they want to make a difference. Therefore when developing a corporate sponsors programme we try to reflect these needs in the programmes they want to fund.

Why is Parentkind working with Ralloo?

We are always looking for new ways to support our members. Ralloo is one of the most innovative and simple platforms we have seen for some time and we think provides a way for parents to support their school without directly contributing cash.

We have been impressed with the Ralloo leadership team and their high profile backgrounds in the digital economy which brings knowledge and know-how. They are enthusiastic about developing Ralloo in to a platform that supports thousands of schools across the UK and we think this could become a major source of funds for many years to come.

These brands are willing to support schools as they understand the value that comes from people engaging with their brand and the influence of sharing their support with the local community. Ralloo’s platform provides brands with opportunities to connect with local communities and fulfill their purpose driven business objectives. Parentkind believes this is a win win situation, funding for schools, no funds required from the parent and an easy way for parents to get involved and contribute.

How do we make a complaint?

If you have a complaint in the first instance please raise this with the Ralloo team who will be happy to help. If you are not satisfied or they were unable to assist please contact Oliver Leeds at Parentkind on 01732 375474 or via e-mail on oliver.leeds@parentkind.org.uk. Parentkind will seek to address any legitimate complaint directly with the Ralloo management team. Please include all relevant details including, dates, the nature of your complaint, what steps have been taken already to resolve it and your contact details.

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