Motion Picture Licensing Company (MPLC)

Parentkind are excited to announce that MPLC (Motion Picture Licensing Company) are working with us to provide our members with an exclusive discount on their film licences.

Film nights are a great tried and tested fundraiser that the children really enjoy. Once you have your licence there are other great ways to make the most of it, such as having a film tent at your summer and Christmas fairs.

Who are The Motion Picture Licensing Company Limited (MPLC)?

MPLC is the leader in motion picture copyright compliance, supporting legal access across five' continents and more than 20 countries. They represent over 900 film and TV Producers and distributors from major Hollywood Studios to independent and foreign producers.

Exclusive Discount

MPLC provide 2 licenses, and they are offering an exclusive 25% discount to Parentkind members.

The MPLC Umbrella Licence

This is an annual licence
Key benefits:
  1. Allows you to show legally-rented or purchased DVD copies - either from your own library or those purchased/rented. 
  2. Unlimited showings all year round. 
  3. No reporting of title use or audience figures. 
  4. Low administration as the licence agreement renews automatically. 
  5. A 25% discount on the licence fee listed for Parentkind members.
Key restrictions:
  1. No commercial advertisement may be made of the film title outside of the licensed premises and to no one other than parents & pupils of the school.
  2. No direct income may be made to view the film. 
  3. The licence is only applicable to the named organisation and location. 
  4. The films shown must be a legal copy of that film.

The MPLC single use Licence (MPLC Movie Licence)

Key benefits:
  1. Commercial freedom to advertise film titles.
  2. Can make income from the film.
  3. Any titles released on DVD, Blu-ray or Digital format is available from the MPLC participating studios.
Key restriction:

Not all films are available through the MPLC Movie Licence, so it will be important to please contact MPLC with the film or films you may wished to screen and we'll be able to confirm by return if they can be licensed.

How do I apply?

To apply for your licence, please log in and download the appropriate licence application form.

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