Raise more by reducing the cost of fundraising! 

BOPP is a bank to bank platform that makes it easier and cheaper for you to collect payments and raise funds for your PTA, association, or school.

Payment providers like Paypal and Stripe have high transaction fees, which means less money for your PTA and school. With BOPP, high fees are a thing of the past. 

Whether it's for entrance fees or stall transactions for Summer or Xmas fetes or tickets for the Big PTA Quiz, school gate collections, or your PTA raffles, with BOPP, taking payments just got easier.



How does it work? 

You can easily create a QR code or secure Paylink within the app, which can then be either be scanned or clicked by the parent. This will automatically open their mobile banking app, where they will see the payment details and be able to authorise the transaction, all from the security of their own bank app. 

Payment requests are flexible so you can choose to set a fixed amount or you can leave it to the payer to decide.

Plus, you'll have a reference and the payer's details for easy reconciliation.

BOPP - The future of cashless and cardless donations

When you're fundraising, taking cash is a hassle and card transactions can be expensive. BOPP is the faster, easier and cheaper way to accept donations.

Boost your chances of donations from the general public by including a donation request QR code on your promotional event posters & flyers or add secure Paylinks to your social media posts, emails, newsletters, text messages and web pages to ask for donations.


Ways to BOPP a donation

  • Add a poster with a QR code for the school fete entrance fee
  • Raising money for new equipment? Add a Paylink or QR code to your newsletter
  • Non-school uniform day? Send parents a SMS and ask them to BOPP you £1
  • Promoting an event, add a Paylink to your social media posts - they can just click to pay

For more information click here


Your exclusive offer 

Right now, you could be paying a minimum of 1.4% + 20p per card transaction with your current providers; you may even have an additional costly card terminal. As part of an exclusive Parentkind member benefit, and with the aim to help you save even more, BOPP are offering you a 20% reduced platform fee forever. 

BOPP has two plans: 

Pay as you go Plan:

*0.5% per transaction fee. No charge is made for inactive accounts. (*0.4% with your Parentkind membership)  

Value Bundle Plan:

*£10 per month. No transaction fees up to £5,000 per month. Transactions above this level will be charged at 0.5%.  (*£8 per month with your Parentkind membership)   

Need help?

We have an extensive FAQ which will answer most of your questions. Alternatively, you can speak with our Membership Advisors on 0300 123 5460 or


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