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Your exclusive offer 

Right now, you could be paying a minimum of 1.4% + 20p per card transaction with your current providers; you may even have an additional costly card terminal. As part of an exclusive Parentkind member benefit, and with the aim to help you save even more, BOPP are offering you a 20% reduced platform fee forever. 

BOPP has two plans:

Pay as you go Plan:

*0.5% per transaction fee. No charge is made for inactive accounts. (*0.4% with your Parentkind membership - Fees per transaction 4p min, 40p max)  

Value Bundle Plan:

*£10 per month. No transaction fees up to £5,000 per month. Transactions above this level will be charged at 0.5%. (*£8 per month with your Parentkind membership)   

Start a free trial now and have zero transaction fees for 30 days 

Friends of BOPP Referral Scheme

To say thank you for referring BOPP to your networks, your PTA will receive an ongoing referral commission for as long as the new customer account is open and active, with no upper limit on the commission we will pay each PTA. This means, the more referrals you make, who create an account and use the service, the higher the regular donation that BOPP will pay to your PTA.

When referring BOPP, you must include your PTA's unique referral code and or URL. This will ensure your PTA earns ongoing commissions for every referral who has an open and active BOPP account.

If your PTA signed up to BOPP before the 27th January 2022, your unique referral code and URL has been emailed to your Parentkind key contact. If you signed up after this date or cannot find your referral codes, please email [email protected] with your Parentkind membership number.

Here is a suggested email/ E-newsletter template to send out to all your parents, friends, family, and anyone else who can support your PTA.

By participating in the Friends of BOPP Referral Scheme, you accept the terms and conditions which can be found here.

Friends of BOPP Referral Scheme Template

Dear Parents,

Introducing 'Friends of BOPP', a new fundraising initiative that we've adopted, which can really help support our PTA and School, whilst helping you at the same time.

As you know, we use BOPP for many of our fundraising activities and love it, and we would like to introduce BOPP to your business!

BOPP is a new and very versatile payments platform, that lets any business get paid quicker, and is cheaper than cards. Think of it as instant bank transfer but with so many clever ways to get paid better.

If you register and actively use BOPP, our PTA will receive a referral commission, and the more you use it the more we can earn!

Here are some of the reasons BOPP for Business could be so good:
  • Only pay 0.5% on transactions
  • Maximum 50p and minimum 5p per transaction
  • No chargebacks
  • No card fees
  • Get paid quicker
  • Cash flow improvement
  • Reduce debtor days by up to 50%

BOPP are changing the way you can ask for payments and get paid. Whether you want to add an easy-to-pay paylink on your invoices, or add a new 'pay now' button to your website, or simply want to be able to SMS Paylinks to your customers, BOPP can help you. 

If you wish to register with BOPP, please click this unique link (Add your referral URL here) or if you prefer, you can use our PTA code (Insert your referral code here). That way, the team at BOPP will know our PTA referred you and that we're rewarded for the introduction!

Thank you so much and we hope you enjoy the benefits of using BOPP as much as we do.

You can read all about BOPP on their website,


Read Some Testimonials

Kathryn - Treasurer, Friends of Stoughton Infant School

"We trialled BOPP in September for a large event we hosted to begin our new school year. It was such a success so we have continued to use it for our fundraising activities this first half term and it has been so easy!

Feedback from our school community has been so positive, everyone who uses it can't believe how easy it is! We have used it on all of our posters and communications advertising our Year Group Tea Towels, Christmas Cards and Gifts, our upcoming Pumpkin Carving Competition and we have plenty more coming up!

We use the QR code on posters and the paylink in our written communications. We love how the money literally just goes straight into our bank account which is going to be really important now that our bank has added transaction fees to cash deposits - we need to make sure we don't lose any funds that should be going straight to our school.

Other payment methods such as PayPal incur much higher fees per transaction. We went for the low pay monthly fee which means we don't get charged on individual transactions which works out much cheaper.

The team at BOPP have been really helpful when we had any questions or queries regarding using the app, any fixes were promptly made and they really went out of their way to help. I have a fab phone relationship now with the lovely Sunjay who is on hand immediately should I have any questions or problems (but these are not very often now as the app works beautifully!). He called me today to let me know some improvements to the next version of the app, which is only going to make things even better!

No regrets, BOPP is definitely the best move we have made as a PTA."

Paula Melville - Chair, Parents at Wheatfields School

"Our PTA was searching for a new, better payment method since so many people were telling us they don't carry cash anymore. We came across Bopp through the Parentkind newsletter and it looked really interesting. After some consideration we decided to give it a try and I think it's one of the best things we have done for our fundraising efforts.

One of our first events using it was a basic dress down day. We used the paylink in our emails to our families and on our social media and we put printed QR codes at each drop off point.

The event brought in 5 times what it usually does with many parents saying how easy it was to pay either in advance using the paylink or at the classroom door using QR code on their phone. The support from the company is fantastic. There is always help available for even the most simple of questions. We will definitely continue to use Bopp for our fundraising events in the future."

Watch a Testimonial by Navigation Primary School PTA



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