Member Information

With nearly 60 years experience of helping PTAs, we have developed a huge library of practical resources including essential information sheets and how-to guides as well as a model constitution, templates and checklists.

If you are looking for step-by-step guidance on planning a specific event, then we'll have an information sheet for you. Or if you are looking for a poster to promote your activity or you need a risk assessment template then we can provide these too.

To access the resources in our Advice Hub, your PTA must be a member of Parentkind. After that, you need to register as an individual user. This is really easy to do and works immediately.

All your need is your five figure membership number, your email address and a password that you decide. We encourage all of your committee members to register to use the Parentkind website as well, so that you are all developing your expertise and sharing the workload.

Members can either sign up themselves, or as the key contact, you can add them through the 'my account' area. They will then receive an email to confirm that they want to sign up. If they have signed up themselves, as the key contact you'll receive a notification and will need to approve them which you can do in the 'my account' area.

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