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Parent, school and community engagement

Having a great partnership between your PTA, the parents, the school and the wider community will help your PTA work at its best. In this section, you’ll find advice on how to engage with those audiences and be inclusive. Maximising the impact you make and demonstrating the value of your PTA encourages more support. Read more about the tools and tips you can use to communicate and get the best out of your community.

Focus on

Getting people involved at secondary school

Without the school gates parent meetings, some tips on how to get people involved at secondary school.

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Focus on

Demonstrating the value of your PTA

Tips to show how much you contribute to the school to communicate with parents and staff.

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What are the best ways to get parents regularly volunteering in schools?

Sadly there is no secret that works for all PTAs in all schools. What we do know is that it’s about good communication, demonstrating your impact, thanking parents and informing them of the work you have achieved because of their support. It's also about involving wider parents in decision making so they can see that your PTA is worth their support for the good of their children.

What's the best way to ensure the PTA is representative of the whole school community?

Your parent body will be made up of many different types of parents with different needs and experiences. In order to build support for your association and realise its potential to give parents a voice, consult as widely as possible to get maximum engagement. See our guide to being representative for more information.

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