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Some events or activities will require a licence so whether you are running a raffle/lottery, serving alcohol or putting on some sort of entertainment (like a concert or film night) don’t forget to check whether you need one.

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Licences for online events

To help our members ensure they are meeting licensing requirements for online events we have put together the following FAQs to help you.

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Raffles and lotteries

Are you planning to run a raffle at a school fete or other event but aren’t sure what the rules and regulations are around this?

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How do we apply for a Temporary Event Notice?

Contact your local authority licensing team. They may have an online application form on their website.

Do we need a licence to hold a Film Night?

You will need either a Single Title Screening Licence or an MPLC Umbrella licence. See our film night information for full details on which applies. As part of Parentkind membership, we offer a 25% discount off MPLC Umbrella or Single Title licences. 

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