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Health and Safety

Excellent planning is key to managing your events safely, because whatever the size of the event, you’ll need to make sure it’s fun, safe and enjoyable for everyone. Think ahead about doing a risk assessment and planning for problems. Read about health and safety, safeguarding, first aid and more to check you’ve got everything covered.

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Seven tips for managing events safely

Every PTA wants its events to go off safely. These tips will help you do this.  Find out more
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A detailed guide to the risks you need to consider and control.  Find out more

Do our volunteers need to be DBS checked?

No, but please read our infosheet on Safeguarding and volunteer checks for more information.

Are we insured if there are injuries at an event run by our PTA?

Parentkind members have comprehensive insurance cover provided by Zurich Municipal through their Parentkind membership. View your insurance documents.

Do we need to employ a professional first aider at our event?

That depends on the size and scale of your event. Check out our guide to First Aid here.

What's an Event Safety plan?

This is where you keep all the information you need to refer to in one place and will be the basis of your briefings to volunteers/contractors etc. Keeping everything in one place (in folder or one document) will make it easy for any one of the committee working on specific areas to access this information and add to it if necessary.  See our Event Safety Plan checklist.

It's essential to produce a risk assessment of  your PTA events and it...
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