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For us as individuals, the GDPR and the new ePrivacy Regulation are a good thing. It will mean organisations and companies have to treat our data more carefully, and take more care about making sure communications from them are wanted. It should reduce spam emails and calls, and make our children and their data safer too.

As members of organisations, the GDPR will mean a few challenges and extra work. But with a bit of common sense there's nothing that will be too hard for most PTAs. This, also, represents a great opportunity to re-engage school staff and parents in what you do. The resources below set out what the regulations are and provides guidance on the standards that need to be met in order to comply.

Please note this is not legal advice, this is our best interpretation of the current guidance that has been provided by a range of sources.

Focus on

GDPR - easy steps to help get you into gear

Read on to start getting GDPR-ready.

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Focus on

GDPR Resources

Here are some resources to help you identify what data you have, what data you need to keep and how long you should keep it for.

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How does this apply to us as a PTA?

Just as it does to all small charities. Please see our guidance for more details.

Does the PTA fall under the schools remit or do we have to comply as a PTA?

As an independent organisation, you must take your own steps to comply.

Who is responsible for making sure we are following new data protection rules.

The leadership of your PTA, most likely your Chair.

Have a question about GDPR? See our top FAQs for your most commonly asked q...

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