Crofton Junior School say thank you to keyworkers with their Happy Mail project

Key summary

If there’s one word to sum up Crofton Junior School’s year – it is ‘adapt’. As for PTAs up and down the country, the conventional fairs, sports events, proms and social evenings had to be abandoned due to the coronavirus pandemic. However Crofton were keen to help to keep the morale up in any way they could. Here, Luke and Claire from Crofton Junior School PTA tell us what they’ve been up to…

Saying thank you

“We have an active PTA which is full of ideas”, explains Claire, “so wanted to make the most of these ideas during this odd year and try new things to keep fundraising and supporting our community. Our main focus has been the Happy Mail Project which is a thank you to our everyday heroes”.

This idea started off as a collection of individual pictures that students in the school made, but it quickly grew: “we were receiving so many positive comments about the artwork, with people saying it should be shared more widely, that we decided to make a book to collate everything”, Luke shares.

As a result, the Happy Mail Project became a book and video that was shared with key workers such as those from Bromley NHS and the Met Police, as well as being turned into a banner for the school gates so it could be shared with everyone that passed the school.

Community spirit

Claire goes on to explain why the project became so successful, saying “we’ve invested time in working on our communications – we have an active Facebook page and regularly share what we’re up to in other local groups. Together with our Infant school, we have one of the largest primary schools in Europe so the chances are that many local people have a connection with Crofton!”

The community spirit didn’t stop here though: working with the Infant School PSA, the two schools began a snake made of painted rocks that children could enjoy and add to on their daily walks during the summer. Luke says “a local artist who is also one of our parents designed the snake and some dads who are builders will help us attach the finished snake to the wall. This has been really enjoyable to see, and is a great way to be involved with the PTA.”

Feeling festive

Looking on from this project, the team is now in the midst of their next event – a ‘Twelve Days of Christmas cyber hunt’! Using their PTA Events website, tickets are being sold for a ‘zero-touch’ socially distanced trail around the local area where children are on the hunt for QR codes containing sections of a riddle. Everyone that cracks the code will be entered into a draw to win a fantastic prize, donated by a local business.

The Crofton PTA Team is feeling positive about their achievements and what they have planned: “we have funded some brilliant assets for the school such as an adventure playground, iPads, friendship benches, a greenhouse for the school garden and projectors for the hall. We’re keen to keep this momentum going and help to provide even more for the school next year.”

  • Working with local businesses is a great ‘win-win’
  • Shout about what you’re doing on social media and invest time in your communications
  • Don’t be afraid to try new ideas
  • Create a group (Whatsapp/Facebook etc) for people who are ‘happy to help’ – an ad hoc donation of time is just as valuable as a long term commitment

Fact File
  • PTA name: Crofton Junior School PTA
  • School name: Crofton Junior School
  • Age range: 7-11
  • Country: England
  • School type: Junior
  • Size: 720

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