The value of a PTA: A headteacher's perspective

Maureen Johnson
31 July 2015
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Probably like most schools we buy in external help to collect staff, students and parent views. Although this has its place nothing beats the regular "temperature check" that the PTA provides. They are sometimes my eyes and ears and they are frequently my sounding board.

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Am I a very engaged parent too?

Emma Hunt
23 July 2015
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What does being an engaged parent mean? Whose responsibility is it to engage parents in education and how do we do it?

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Education in England - how have we got here and where next?

Emma Hunt
22 June 2015
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At last week’s Festival of Education John Cridland, called for GCSEs to be abolished, and there was a general cry from the profession that there is no time in an increasingly pressured environment to teach ‘soft skills’. As I listened I asked myself why are we in this situation?

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