Open evenings - our advice on choosing the right secondary school

Michelle Doyle Wildman
06 October 2015
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And so it begins again. Dr Who is back on the telly, the autumnal nights are drawing in and secondary school open evenings are happening, unannounced, yet everywhere all at once. 

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Parents funding state schools - where does the PTA fit in?

Emma Hunt
29 September 2015
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Parents often joke about ‘wouldn’t life be easier if we could just make a donation to the school rather than having to flip burgers, bake cakes, make costumes etc etc…’ but there are two important points of difference between PTA fundraising and donations to the school fund which are worth spelling out.

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How to get more support for your PTA

Lynne Maguire
25 September 2015
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In my job I have seen first-hand the amazing work that parents can do as part of their PTA. But it is important to have that groundswell of support at the outset to achieve this.

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Changing the conversation between teachers and parents

Professor Bill Lucas
03 September 2015
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Professor Bill Lucas, parenting expert and co-author of 'Educating Ruby: what our children really need to learn', shares some ideas for the term ahead.

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A call for parent-school partnership in the delivery of PSHE education

Joe Hayman
20 August 2015
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Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education is the school subject which teaches pupils to keep emotionally and physically healthy and safe both on and off line. As the Government decided whether to make PSHE education a statutory part of the school curriculum, Joe Hayman reflects on how crucial parents are to the subject.

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