Accounting for Academies

Chivonne Preston
10 November 2015
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The National Audit Office (NAO) understands that Academies must account for themselves to parents and pupils as much as to the Department for Education. They also recognise that parents matter and they have placed them at the heart of their financial accountability framework.

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Preparing your child for an uncertain future

Dr Kathy Weston
06 November 2015
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New research by the Baker Dearing Educational Trust has found that 80% of parents believe the education system needs to change to reflect 21st century working Britain.

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Parental support: driving the creation of free schools

Nick Timothy
30 October 2015
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Nearly one-in-eight families are missing out on their first choice of primary school, it’s no wonder more and more parents and teachers are getting involved with starting new schools.

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Carrot or stick - is fining parents having the desired effect?

Emma Hunt
22 October 2015
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This kind of conflict between schools and parents is in danger of destroying the supportive and respectful relationship that parents and schools need to embrace if we are to achieve significant results for our children. 

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Parents in education - what can the rest of the UK learn from Wales?

Annette Wiles
16 October 2015
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At Parentkind we are privileged to be able to support our member PTAs and parents in schools right across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This gives us a great overview of how the devolution of education policy to the four nations that make up the UK has led to marked differences in how parents are positioned in education. 

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