Parents! The education white paper is our clarion call, don't let this opportunity go

Michelle Doyle Wildman
23 March 2016
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Parents - education is changing, it's time to have your say and get involved!

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Why I took the PTA plunge

Sarah West
14 March 2016
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I was anxious that as a working parent I wouldn't have much regular contact with the school. So I decided that the best way to help myself to feel in control was to get to know the school, the teachers, and other parents. How better than the PTA?

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Volunteering in schools

Fiona Carnie
26 February 2016
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There are many benefits to parents and to schools from encouraging parents to volunteer within the classroom. As one long term project in Chicago shows, much more can be achieved when parents receive training to do this.

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Parents as partners in education - the Scottish way

Eileen Prior
11 February 2016
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In Scotland it is recognised that families play an extremely important role in education, which is reflected in its policy and legislation.

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Is happiness only a GREAT DREAM away?

Fiona Phillips
22 January 2016
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Faced with a changing and complex world that presents many challenges, it's important to invest in our wellbeing. Hearing the results of research on our children's wellbeing is a concern, so should education include wellbeing?

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