He knows when you've been reading...

Liz, Parentkind
07 December 2017
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'Tis the season when families get together and catch up with friends, and school bags get slung in the corner. We're firm believers in kids having a good rest and a lot of fun during the Christmas holiday, so we've put together some top tips to help you stay on top of learning over the festive period without the bah humbug!

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Most memorable teacher gifts!

01 December 2017
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At the end of the winter term, parents and children often want to thank teachers and show their appreciation with a gift. Teachers really do appreciate thoughtful gifts from their students and parents, but they're certainly not expected and parents shouldn't feel obliged to contribute to collections or make extravagant gestures.

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Quality outdoor learning - the key to your child's emotional and physical well-being?

Susy Marsh
03 May 2017
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The value of outdoor activities is more recognised than ever in schools and many are working to embed outdoor learning into their curriculum.

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Singing from the same hymn sheet - a view from the Land of Song

Rob Williams
22 April 2016
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As a school leader, I knew that my pupils spend more time at home than in school so refusing to engage with our families was not only unhelpful but likely to become a potential obstacle to the children's progress.

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Dear Teacher, we need to talk

The Private Parent
08 April 2016
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If we don’t know each other well enough to be on a first name basis, then I am wondering how we can work together to support my child through their education – that’s what we are trying to do right?

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