The moment it dawns that it's not just your child leaving primary school

06 June 2017
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As the relief of finding out that my son had got into his chosen school passed, I realised that not only would my only child be leaving his much loved primary school, but I would be leaving my role there too.

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Tips and tricks to encourage sun safety this summer

Clare O'Connor
31 May 2017
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After 20 years developing new products for sun protection and skin care, I've seen the importance of protecting our skin from the sun's rays. This is particularly true for children, whose skin is especially vulnerable to burning and damage.

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What makes me tic? Living with Tourette's syndrome

Steve Grimsey
25 May 2017
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When I was 15, I went to the doctor's to ask them about it, but twenty years ago it wasn't something they knew much about. As a result, they just left me to it. Thankfully, such an experience would be rare today, and doctors can help someone understand more about what TS is and how they can live with it.

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How can we stay safe online?

Hayley Francis
23 May 2017
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I think it's great having the world at our fingertips! We can shop on the go, video call friends across the globe, share our favourite photos with family, use google maps to get around and so much more: but do children know how to stay safe?

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Our top picks on children's books for National Share a Story Month!

18 May 2017
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Are you taking part in National Share a Story Month (NSSM)? Was there a particular book that inspired you as a child? Have you shared it with today's youngsters?

We asked staff at Parentkind for their top picks and the ideas came flooding in from timeless classics to modern masterpieces and everything in between. Do you agree with our choices? What titles did we miss? Share on social media and join the discussion!

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