Be primary school ready: top tips from parents

10 August 2017
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If your little one starts primary school in September and you're feeling a bit emotional about it all, help is at hand! We asked our members to share their top tips for being prepared as a parent...

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Thanks to all our members for their work this year, from our Acting Chief Executive

Michelle Doyle Wildman
18 July 2017
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Whether you’ve provided new resources for your child’s school, helped support other families or made sure the views of fellow mums or dads were heard, I hope you can take some time to feel proud of all your hard work and achievements over the last year and beyond.

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One year on as a PTA Chair

Sarah West
17 July 2017
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I have just completed my first year as Chair of our PTA, and it seems a perfect time to reflect on what I've learnt. Which is a lot... so here are my top six.

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How can you encourage children to engage with food?

Shireen Jayyusi
28 June 2017
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While there has been a clear improvement in food quality in schools in recent years, most children still don’t know where their food comes from. Understanding the origins of food is one factor impacting the eating habits, attitudes to food and food behaviours of our children. 

Here are top tips for parents to encourage healthy eating in children.

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The inspiring mother whose stories help her autistic son

Tracey Handley
16 June 2017
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Sarah Phelps is a busy parent who did something special for her autistic son Thomas to help him understand the world - she made him the main character in a series of stories that has since become a book. 

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