Celebrate World Book Day in style!

27 February 2018
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If your children will be dressing up for World Bood Day and you don't have a costume sorted yet, here are a few quick and easy ideas (needle and thread not required).

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Inspiring a generation of lifetime readers

Sonia Blandford
26 February 2018
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Find out about World Book Day and Achievement for All's 100 Million Minutes Reading Challenge.

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The time is right for all of Parentkind

Michelle Doyle Wildman
21 February 2018
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Our charity and membership organisation came into being over 60 years ago. Today marks the next chapter as we move from being PTA UK to Parentkind. Britain was very different in the mid-1950s. At the time, Prime Minister Harold Macmillan famously said we never had it so good and academics tell us that people were much happier with their lot than they are now.

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PTAs mean friendship and fun(ds)!

Hayley Francis
19 February 2018
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Being active in your PTA can be very rewarding. You raise important funds and support the school to give children the best experience but we hope you're also aware of how you are bringing people together, cementing friendships and helping everyone socialise and have fun.

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Life after school breaks down - one mum's adventure in home-based special education

Maya Young
13 February 2018
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It seems strange saying this when the thing that brings me the greatest joy is teaching my child, but I never saw myself as a full-time home educator; it was not something I ever imagined I would have chosen.

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