How children benefit from performing arts

Anya Day
11 May 2018
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Often perceived as a 'soft' option when compared to pursuits such as swimming, football or a stint with the Scouts, Performing Arts are hugely beneficial for children and young people - more so than many parents realise. We're going to look at some of the benefits of performing arts for children that often go unnoticed.

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Open communications with parents helps to improve school’s fortunes – a head teacher’s story

Michael McCarthy
10 April 2018
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Ridgeway Primary Academy is a school which has been on a journey - to say the least. A once-failing school and forced sponsored academy is now flourishing and achieving notable success. We wanted a way in which to show our families and community how proud they should be of the school, now back in the centre of the local community.

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Helping your child get the most out of everyday experiences

Maya Young
05 April 2018
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With having a child with autism and anxiety who had not only 'switched off' from learning, but become phobic about school and anything that smacked of being taught, I was initially limited as to what I could teach, or so I thought...

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"How was your day?" Using the journey home from school to strengthen relationships

Anna Gregory
20 March 2018
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Most parents like to ask their child about their day when they collect them from school. Answers can vary between a full, rich and coherent account including amusing anecdotes about what their friends said and what they learned in each lesson, to a one-word response along the lines of, "OK / fine / dunno". If the latter rings truer for you most of the time, or even just sometimes, we have some hints and tips to tease tales out of your child and keep a dialogue going.

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Slime success and Science Week fun

Liz, Parentkind
16 March 2018
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After months spent studying slime making videos on YouTube and too many experiments (and trips to the pound shop) to count, last year my daughter finally perfected slime!

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