A tale of two secondary starts

Lesley Smeardon
24 June 2018
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While all the prep and meetings definitely help children adjust, possibly the most important thing for a successful transition is the time we as parents can take just to be there to help our children through the experience.

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Driving change: a new strategy to transform our PTA

Steven Duckworth
08 June 2018
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After nine months as the Chair of our local PTA I think I am finally finding my feet. It’s been an exciting and challenging time, particularly when the charity has been established for a long time and run in an excellent fashion previously. I initially spent some time understanding how things worked and what I could bring to the role and how things might be changed a little

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Kids go plastic free!

Martin Dorey
08 June 2018
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How families can cut down on plastic usage, make a difference and help the oceans.

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Your child's English Journey: the next stage

Jill Carter
17 May 2018
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Many parents I have met believe that English is about spelling and grammar. Whilst these elements of literacy are important in enabling your child to express ideas, English at secondary level is about a lot of other more exciting areas of study.

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GDPR - easy steps to help get you into gear

Mike and Liz
15 May 2018
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New General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will come into force on 25 May 2018. It might seem daunting, but at its heart GDPR is pretty simple. It's about making sure organisations only keep information about people if they've got sound reasons to, don't hang onto it for too long and keep it safe while they have it.

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