Raising more by using your community links and skills

Kerry-Jane Packman
06 March 2019
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There are lots of ways to raise money as a PTA that do not involve organising events. Here are some top tips from our Development and Membership Director to help you fundraise more effectively.

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National Offer Day nerves?

The Private Parent
01 March 2019
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Today is National Offer Day, and like thousands of other parents, I will be finding out which secondary school my daughter will attend come September.

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Top tips for 'sharenting' parents

Debbie Greaves
30 January 2019
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Do you share about your children on social media? From announcing a pregnancy by uploading ultrasound pictures to sharing children’s milestones and achievements, technology has transformed the traditional family album into an online experience known as ‘sharenting’. However, unlike the family album, the online audience can be huge and include people who aren’t really ‘friends’. Social Worker Debbie Greaves explains...

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Bullying affects parents too

Zoe Williams
29 January 2019
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It's well-known that being bullied can have a negative impact on a child, but less well discussed is the impact on the wider family. Bullying affects parents too, and we don't talk enough about it.

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Food for Life join Jamie Oliver in campaigning for a healthy rating scheme

Rob Percival
18 January 2019
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Food for Life are joining Jamie Oliver in campaigning for the introduction of a healthy rating scheme in schools. With National Obesity Awareness Week upon us, Rob Percival, Food for Life Head of Policy tells us why there is still work to be done to give the next generation a chance at forming healthy lifestyle habits.

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