T.A.L.K to your daughters about dangers of the internet

Susie Hargreaves
08 June 2021
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We are all spending more time online than ever before and online predators are taking advantage and finding new ways to contact, manipulate and coerce young and teenage girls into sharing sexual images or videos of themselves. At the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), we have seen an alarming rise in self-generated online sexual abuse cases; in 2020, we found 68,000 cases of self-generated child sexual abuse, which is a massive 77% increase on 2019. The vast majority, 80%, of these cases involve girls aged 11-13 years old and in some cases, a child is live streaming and unaware that they are being recorded. It is a horrible crime and, as parents, we need to do everything in our power to prevent our own children from becoming victims, without denying them the fun and entertainment that safe use of the internet undoubtedly offers.

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