Be a recycling hero!

Steph Barclay
18 March, 2021 : 09:00
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Recycling has become an everyday topic, which is fantastic news for our world. However, sometimes it can be seen as scary and overwhelming – “how can my efforts make any difference?”

Today is Global Recycling Day - here’s some ideas to get you talking about recycling with your family:

  • When you create a meal, sort out your packaging to see which pieces can be recycled
  • When you go out for a walk, take a flask of drink with you rather than purchasing a disposable cup
  • See if your local area has a ‘zero waste’ shop where you can take your own containers to fill up with store cupboard essentials and some yummy treats
  • If you have babies, have a look at the UK Nappy Network to see if there’s a cloth nappy library near you
  • Take a bag for life with you when you go shopping so that you don’t need a new plastic carrier bag each time
  • Have a look at our blog from Martin Dorey, founder of the #2minutebeachclean, for more ideas

Some crafty recycling activities…

If you have a go at any of these activities, or have ideas you'd like to share with other families, drop us an email:

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