Half-term activities: keep the good times rolling

Liz, Parentkind
22 May, 2020 : 09:49
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As we approach another unusual half-term, with plans for getaways and big days out either on hold or cancelled because of the global coronavirus pandemic, here’s five easy ideas for enjoyable family days in or out, so you can keep the good times rolling!

1. Take in a stage show

Stage shows have become really accessible as theatre companies find ways to keep performances alive while venues remain closed. If you love musicals, make sure you check out Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s YouTube channel The Show Must Go On! - a different musical is streamed every Friday – or you could rent a brilliant West End production of The Wind in the Willows, starring Rufus Hound as Mr Toad.

For younger audiences The Unicorn Theatre will be streaming Anansi the Spider Re-Spun over half term week, along with downloadable activities to accompany the show.

2. Become a film critic

At the start of the week, pick a film – it could be one you’ve been meaning to watch for ages, a classic or a new release - and add popcorn and hotdogs to the shopping list ready for a mid-week screening.

Design your own movie posters and tickets, and get the reporters notepads ready to make a few notes. Write up your reviews, give the film a star rating and share with your friends and family. You could even add your review to a rating site like Common Sense Media.

3. Get animated

It’s a real joy seeing your child’s face light up as they bring their favourite toy to life using stop motion animation. It’s a simple process that children of all ages can pick up really quickly. Download an app to your phone (if you can get hold of a mini tripod it helps, they start at around £3), pick a toy then pose, snap, move a tiny bit, and repeat… as many times as you like. When you play the sequence back the toy appears to move!

4. White knuckle sofa rides

If your kids are missing the excitement of theme parks, why not bring the rides to them? Thanks to thrill ride enthusiasts with GoPro cameras and 4K video you can experience some world famous rides at home via YouTube. There are plenty to choose from, like Universal Studios’ Jurassic Park ride and Disney World’s Splash Mountain, so search for your favourites (watch them all the way through first to make sure they’re suitable), then grab some dressing gown belts and buckle up on your sofa.

5. Join the world’s biggest treasure hunt

Turn your daily exercise into a treasure hunt by downloading a geocaching app. Its great fun for kids as they follow the map to discover hidden messages and treasures. The app shows you how many treasures are hidden in an area, so you might find there’s plenty of bounty to be found without needing to venture too far from home. Before you get started check out the Covid-19 update on the Geocaching website to make sure you stay safe.

Let us know what fun days in or out you’ll be enjoying over half-term week. Get in touch on social media or drop us a line!

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