How to run an online quiz

29 April, 2020 : 13:22
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With the current social distancing in place, we know more and more people are turning to virtual catch ups with their friends. We know quizzes are hugely popular, and provide a great way of bringing communities together. Here are our top tips for running a fun quiz!

There are a few different ways you can run your quiz. The information below is based on running a live DIY online quiz, but an alternative would be to prepare and send out a quiz for families to complete at home. This could be run at the same time, and you can compare scores afterwards online or ask people to send in their answer pages so you can score and announce the winners (and who holds the wooden spoon!).

If you'd prefer to use a ready-made option, there are lots of online quiz websites like, to choose from (some of which offer a free package for smaller numbers). Join in our Facebook group @PTAHangoutbyParentkind to find out which ones have been tried and tested by other PTAs.

Prepare prepare prepare!
  • Check out the best platform – Zoom is great for high numbers of people (although remember here’s a time limit for more than 2 people – does someone at the school have a subscription?) and people can dial in with just a link. Skype is another option.
  • Quiz – make sure the level of quiz suits your audience – family/ grown-ups. The idea is to have fun not scare participants! Try to choose questions with clear single answers.
  • Send out answer sheets in advance to be printed at home (or drop off in advance if you can/ need), or let people know what they will need to record answers. (Alternatively you could use the chat option for giving answers eg. Answers…. Now! And the first to respond wins!)
  • Consider whether you will ask for donations for taking part, or whether you are just running the quiz for fun and building the community! If you’d like to ask for donations, check out our blog for how to set up donations on your PTA Events page.
  • Send out invitation so people know exactly when and how to join (we recommend passcodes and sharing the link in closed groups.
  • You could use our poster to help promote the event on your social media
  • Depending on take up of quiz, could split in to smaller group sessions, perhaps based on year groups etc…
Ground rules
  • Define how the quiz will pan out – xx rounds/ numbers of questions in each round/ how to mark answers/ any special rounds (e.g. double points play!)
  • Ensure all phones are out of reach (unless they are being used!)
  • How to use the technology e.g: 
    • Mute when not speaking and when questions are being asked
    • How to split the screen
    • Using chat to ask questions and who will monitor that
  • Explain how it will be scored.
  • Spend time introducing people.
  • Consider an ice breaker (picture round that could be on the screen as people join or sent out just before? Scavenger hunt?)
    • We’ve heard of one member who managed to hide a picture under every door mat in advance of one quiz so that was the first ice breaker question! 
Ideas for fun rounds
  • Scavenger hunt – first to get xx object and bring back to screen.
  • Pre-prepared picture round (guess the biscuit/ local landmarks/ shapes of countries.
  • TV/ Movie theme tunes.
  • Disney characters/ villains.
  • See how parents get on with some Year 6 SATs questions.
  • Mirroring what topics the kids are learning/ have learnt at school.
  • Maths - Times tables/ fractions/ algebra.
  • Geography – flags/ capital cities/ where on map/ population.
  • Who am I? round – 3 clues, how many do you need to be able to answer the question! Most points after clue 1 then less decreasing.
  • Local round – eg, when did x open, who used to live at x, on a journey from x to x, how many sets of traffic lights would you pass etc…
  • Guinness World Record round.
  • Random animal facts (like collective nouns etc...)
  • Facts about the school/ teachers (could ask the staff to help prepare!)
  • Generation Game – someone records a video along a line of different objects, and the players have to see how many they remember.
  • Memory round – a photo of 12 objects is shown for 30 seconds, and then a second photo appears and 3 of the objects have changed or disappeared – who can name which ones they are?

 Take a look online for some great family friendly quizzes you can use. 

Parentkind members - you can download posters to advertise your online quiz here

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