Valentine's Day ideas for PTAs

21 January, 2020 : 11:25
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Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day coming up there are lots of opportunities for PTA fundraising events. Romance might not quite hit the mark for kids’ events, so think about it as a celebration of love and friendship. Here are three top Valentine’s Day event ideas from our team and members:

1. Wear what you love day

This is a great twist on the love theme, and a breeze to organise as it’s just a twist on own clothes day. Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year (usually a good day for own clothes), so if the school agrees then you can look forward to seeing some crazy headbands, onesies, battered boots and possibly the odd superhero or two in exchange for a £1 donation.


2. D.I.S.C.O.

If a Valentine’s theme isn’t popular (ask the kids, their faces will say it all!), why not make yours a friendship disco? Have a chat with your DJ and ask them to put together a playlist of songs that celebrate your theme, or set a dress code like wear something red.


3. Lovely cake sale

You can’t beat a good old cake sale for Valentine’s Day fundraising. Ask for donations of cakes and biscuits with a ‘love and friendship’ theme and sell on the playground after school or arrange a pop-up café for parents come for cake and a cuppa.


Parentkind tips:

  • Check out the PTA resources for event posters you can download and personalise
  • Use the PTA Events platform to organise and sell tickets for a disco
  • Find out what others are doing – DM us @PTAExpertbyParentkind and we’ll post your question to our community of nearly 40,000 PTA enthusiasts!

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