Blueprint for Parent-Friendly Schools


What is the Blueprint?

Parentkind wants all schools to harness the power of parents so they can supercharge the education of every child. Many parents and educators want this too. With that end in mind, we have scoured all the available evidence and best practice to build a blueprint to help all schools be as parent-friendly as possible. We will use it to support schools to develop the culture and practices where all parents are partners, playing an active role in their child’s school life.

Why is the Blueprint needed?

Although the principle of engaging and involving parents in education is widely accepted, the discourse and available research tends to be piecemeal and fragmented. Ensuring all mums and dads take an active role is not easy. Indeed, there are a number of existing and growing barriers to parents and schools working well together.

That’s why Parentkind has developed a fully-rounded model that schools can use that reflects these challenges.

Pilot project in Doncaster

Our pilot project that's currently running has introduced our Blueprint to 14 primary and 7 secondary schools in the Doncaster Opportunity Area. The trial will capture the impact of schools adopting our Blueprint on pupil attendance rates in schools with previously high levels of absenteeism. Once the project has finished, we will publish our findings in a full report, to demonstrate the effect of positive parental engagement.

Our consultation is now closed

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to the consultation on our Blueprint in 2019. The feedback we received was invaluable in ensuring that our Blueprint for Parent-Friendly Schools offers the best practice for parental engagement in a format that's easy for schools to adapt to their individual circumstances. We are delighted that the vast majority of the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. 

What happens next?

In 2020, we will work tirelessly to make schools across England, Wales and Northern Ireland as parent-friendly as possible by rolling out our Blueprint. We will push for our Blueprint to be adopted nationally by policymakers as we continue to advocate for parental engagement in school life. We are looking to test this model in school settings and create evidence-led training, resources and tools for educators and school leaders so that parent-friendly schools become a reality across the UK. Please email us at if you are interested in learning more or supporting the expansion of the Blueprint.

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