Trouble shooting for Parent Councils

During the lifecycle of a Parent Council it is inevitable that there will be times when support from parents and/or the school wanes and/or disagreements occur. Either can cause Parent Council members to question the future of the group and whether or not it is viable to continue.

Getting your Parent Council back on track will require parent-teacher cooperation and problem-solving. This section looks at handling conflict and the barriers for schools and parents.

Focus on

Barriers for parents

Thinking about what might prevent parents from getting involved with the parent council, or voicing their opinions about school issues will help you find ways to address any barriers.
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How can I reach parents that do not have a good association with school?

Many parents have had a negative experience of school and find it hard to get involved with their child’s education. It is crucial that schools are welcoming and supportive places so that parents find it easy and comfortable to come in. You will need to think about the best person to engage with parents as it is not always a teacher. Do you have support staff who live locally and who are known to parents? If so they may seem more approachable to parents who find it hard to get involved. Do you have a family support worker who can focus specifically on reaching disengaged parents?

How can we make sure one person doesn't dominate meetings?

Agree some ground rules to be respectful of others opinions and ensure every voice is heard.More about running Parent Council meetings. 

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