Getting your Parent Council started

Once the decision has been made to set up a parent voice group for your school, allow time to consider the best way to organise your group before moving on to formalise a Parent Council or forum.

When you're ready to get started, use this section to explore the activities linked to our seven steps to starting a Parent Council, including membership and representation; making connections to the school, governing body, PTA and other groups; and the roles and skills needed.

We recommend attending our Developing a Parent Council workshop. At this interactive session, delegates learn and share innovative and practical ideas that can be used to develop an action plan for your school.

Focus on

Roles and skills

What are the main roles on a Parent Council? and what skills are needed?Find out more
News, views and FAQs

Does a Parent Council need a governing document?

There's no legal requirement for Parent Councils to have a governing document, but it's certainly good practice.A constitution or terms of reference formalises how the group will work, clarifies the role of the group and ensures transparency. Read our info sheet Agreeing terms of reference.

What's the best way to reach all parents?

Some parents can be difficult to reach, but the most effect Parent Councils represent the whole school community, so make sure your plans and approach embrace all types of parents. Our top tips for doing this include:

  • Target parents at transition
  • Use a variety of communication tactics
  • Ensure staff are outside school at the beginning and end of the school day to talk about/ answer questions about the Parent Council
  • Organise cultural events and celebrations in connection with different faiths and cultures
  • Arrange home visits
  • Target fathers, mothers and grand parents
  • Translate newsletters/website
  • Provide parenting support and support family learning

More about consulting with parents and recruiting members.

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