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As key stakeholders in education, parents have a unique perspective on school issues that can both support the school community and contribute to school improvement. Parent Councils provide a platform for parents’ views and ideas to be heard.

Our information and guidance provides practical support for parents including: templates, suggested agenda items and communication tips on how to gather parent voice and increase the effectiveness of your Parent Council.

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Five ways to organise your Parent Council

How you run your Parent Council will depend on the size of the school and how formal you want it to be. Here are a few examples of different size schools and how the Parent Council is set up.

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Why is it so important to listen to parent voice?

Children do better when their parents are involved in their education. By developing a close partnership between parents and school, children will benefit. Secondly, parents can contribute to school improvement. They often have ideas about how things could be done differently or better to suit children and parents. Listening to their views can strengthen the school. Thirdly, many school policies have a direct impact on parents, such as the homework policy, behaviour policy and uniform policy. It is important therefore that they have a say. If parents are consulted and their views are taken account of they are more likely to be supportive of the school.

Why a Parent Council?

Parent voice is about the school listening to parents views on issues that affect them and taking account of those views in school decision making. A Parent Council is a democratic mechanism that enables:

  • parents to meet, share ideas and feedback to school
  • parent voice to be listened to
  • parents to contribute to decision-making
  • development of a partnership between parents and school
  • a direct link with the Schools governing body


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