Your PTA needs you!


One of the biggest challenges that parent associations (PTAs, PTFAs, Friends of etc.) face is getting lots of parents involved in their activities. Our members frequently ask how to attract more parents so we took to Facebook to ask our active volunteers what inspired them to be involved and what they get out of it.

If your child’s school has a parent association who are seeking volunteers and you’re not sure if it’s for you – think again! The response to our questions were SO positive we couldn’t help but share them. Here are the top things parents got out of their PTA involvement:

1. It’s for the kids!

The role of every parent association is to better the school experience for EVERY child – quite simply the best reason to get involved. Many also said that their children loved seeing them in the school (although this is less so when they reach secondary school!)

“Essentially the joy of the kids is no 1!”

Not only is it extra funds for the school but the events provide a really fun experience for the children too! 

“I can see the difference the funds we raise make to the school and I love providing fun events for all to enjoy. Whether that is family friendly fireworks, Easter bingo, discos, movie nights, duck races, secret gifts. All bring a smile to the children’s faces and that is ultimately what parents who don’t get involved don’t see!”

2. Be part of a community

It’s an opportunity to build a strong community with a common goal, making the overall experience of your child’s school better for everyone.

“I got involved with our PTA as it was a good way to get to know more parents and also it gives you a sense of community.”

“I used to work a lot so was never on the school run. The PTA started as a good way for me to feel part of what was going on but has now turned into so much more. I am proud to be able to support and promote events that benefit the school and my daughter loves me being part of the PTA.”

3. Raise important funds

With stretched school budgets, the work you do to help the school funds is as important as ever. You can help support many projects for children in schools like buying new equipment and improving libraries and play areas.

“Seeing what difference money that we raised for the school is amazing.”

“Raised £60k in 2.5 years and helped save the school from closure. Now the school is growing from strength to strength - nothing more rewarding than that!”

“To see the kids’ faces when told we have bought this for school is great. I tell people you don't have to 100% commit your whole life to it, just help whenever you can. That seems to work.”

4. Make friends

Lots of our members have made friends through their PTA. Being involved makes it easier to get to know more people and helps you get more familiar with the school and everyone there.

“At my first meeting I somehow got roped into secretary and then discovered an amazing friendship network. My children have benefitted because they have got to know children in other year groups.”

“I was new to our area and moved my son’s school half way through Reception... he is now in year 5 and I have made some amazing friends. Not only is it a great social life but wow... the buzz of the events and the children’s faces and seeing what difference money that we raised for the school is amazing.”

We’re calling all parents, family and friends to be a part of this too. It doesn’t have to be a full time commitment, no matter how much time you can give, any help is hugely appreciated.

Wondering what you might be able to help with? Read our blog on 19 quick and easy ways to support your PTA.

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