Spooky Autumn Events for your PTA


As the weather begins to turn, and nights draw in, there are loads of amazing fundraising opportunities to be had. Take a look at these ideas to ‘spookify’ your school community this Autumn...

Monster Mash Disco

Kids love nothing more than dressing up and having a dance around, so why not combine the two? Make a playlist (or find one on the internet) full of a mix of ghostly tunes with a few crowd pleasers; then get the kids to come in their best spooky costume and give out a prize for the best dressed.

If you feel like going the extra mile, you can decorate the venue with some scary decorations and even have a photo booth, where everyone can pose with spooky props.

Check out our info sheet about organising a successful disco here

Film Night

Having a themed film night can be a lot of fun, so stick on a creepy classic and have a snack shop straight out of a house of horrors. The kids will LOVE it, and it’s pretty simple to organise.

Ideas for films: Hotel Transylvania, Hocus Pocus, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Coco or Addams Family.

Take a look at our info sheet to make sure your film night is a success here

Creepy Crafts

Get the children involved in creating some creepy crafts after school, make things like bat hats, flying ghosts, peg monsters and pumpkin plates. Charge the kids entry and you have a really fun and easy to run event. You could even have a face painting table if you have any particularly artistic volunteers. Take a look at our Pinterest board for more ideas.

Pumpkin Carving

Such a classic! Buy up some pumpkins from your local supermarket and provide some print out pictures the kids can carve (with supervision obviously) or let their imaginations run wild with their own designs. You could even make it a competition with a small prize for the best design.

If you don't feel confident about your carving skills, you could always organise making paper mache pumpkins instead! 

Games Night

Everyone enjoys a good games night, so why not set up the school hall and playground with a variety of games for the whole family to get involved with?

Some ideas for games: Apple bobbing or flour mountain, ‘Ghost, Ghost, Witch’ (a take on duck, duck, goose), creepy crawlies in jelly or a spooky lucky dip, dress a mummy, doughnuts/biscuits on a string.

Twilight Walk

This is a fun one for the whole family to get involved with. See if a few parents feel like hosting some twilight walks around the school grounds one evening, take some torches, and then get everyone back to a nice spot for some star gazing, spooky stories and a warming jacket potato.

Bake Sale

Sometimes simple is the best, so why not have a Halloween themed bake sale after school where parents can donate their spooky bakes? If it’s a cold day you could even sell hot chocolate with floating fangs (better known as Marshmallows) too – both parents and kids will love it.

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