Parents’ concerns grow around their child’s education, mental health and well-being under school closures


We have released our latest research findings on parents’ views on their child’s education under the current school closures across England. As parents continue to support their child’s remote learning at home for the near future, government must pay attention to parents’ growing concerns around their child’s education, mental health and well-being and provide reassurances on how they will be met.

In a recent poll of 1,240 parents, just under half (48%) said they are more worried now about the impact of the pandemic on their child’s education compared to how they felt in March 2020 at the start of the first lockdown. This was especially high in parents of secondary school children, who are more likely than primary school parents to report an increase in worry.

Parents also stated their top concerns in relation to school closures and remote learning: their child not seeing their friends and socialising (49%), their child’s mental health and well-being (45%), their child falling behind in their education (30%) and their child missing face to face learning from teachers (29%). Children’s anxiety around the alternative arrangements for exams was especially prevalent in parents of secondary school pupils, at 23%. 

John Jolly, CEO of Parentkind, says, “Our research is showing that the latest school closures has put considerable pressure on parents and strain on families. Many parents are telling us that, even when they can work from home, they are finding it challenging to support their child’s learning at the same time. Where undoubtedly, school leaders and teachers are brilliantly facilitating the move to remote learning, and parents have never been more engaged in their child’s learning, long absences from the classroom are not in the best interests of most children. Parentkind supports calls for a route map for the reopening of schools. This will address parents’ concerns and worries for their children’s wellbeing, giving families throughout the country some much-needed certainty. Only then can they ensure that every parent is in the best position to support their child’s remote learning at home for the duration of the current school closures.” 

Read the full school closures report.

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