Parentkind launches Parent Hangout for parents to support each other in the challenges of remote learning


‘Parent Hangout’ by Parentkind on Facebook is a friendly space for parents to come together and use their own experiences to help each other with the challenges of remote learning. We created the new group so that parents can get the reassurance and kind words they need from other parents in the same position. Any parents of school-aged children are encouraged to join and ask their questions, share their anxieties and post their ideas as part of a safe online community.

Our most recent poll on school closures reveals that 38% of parents can work from home, but find supporting their child’s learning at home at the same time challenging. This is in spite of over two thirds (69%) of parents saying that the level of support they have been given by school to assist their child’s learning at home is either ‘very good’ or ‘good’. Such a disparity may be down to additional pressures placed on parents and family life by school closures.

John Jolly, CEO of Parentkind, says, “All parents need to know that help is at hand. At times when parents can’t congregate and chat at the school gates, which is how many parents talk about their child’s education and get the support from their peers, then we have to adapt and build an online community. Although Parentkind and other charities have resources to support parents, the social interactions we get from sharing ideas, asking for help and bringing parents together are so vital in building confidence. We want parents to know that they are not alone, and empower them to support one another. Parentkind will be on hand to offer our expertise too. None of us yet knows when schools will reopen to all children, but our ‘Parent Hangout’ offers an ideal way for parents to make the most of supporting their child’s remote learning. If parents have been sitting on questions, worries or concerns and have had nobody to turn to, Parent Hangout is the ideal outlet.”

Visit to find out more and sign up.

About the methodology

A short online survey, promoted to parents via social media, was active between 5th and 10th January 2021. 1,316 parents completed the survey (1,240 in England, 31 in Northern Ireland and 45 in Wales).   These results are from parents based in England only.  324 parents selected to answer most of the questions twice to report on their second child’s experiences which means the results of those questions are based on 1,564 responses.

Respondent demographics such as child’s school phase (primary or secondary), whether the child has SEND or not and school type (state or independent) have been collected and the breakdown of results for each question can be found in the appendix.  Any notable variances are highlighted in the main report. Please note percentages may not always add up to 100% due to rounding.

See the full school closures January 2021 report

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