PTA Membership Insurance Update


As part of Parentkind’s membership offer to PTAs, insurance is provided by Zurich Insurance plc which covers typical PTA events and activities throughout the year.

Recently some changes came into effect that Parentkind would like all member associations to be aware of. If you’re currently a member association, or your membership is renewing soon it’s important you read the overview below and visit your ‘My Account’ space to check the Insurance Summary Document and FAQs for further details (all provided by Zurich Insurance plc).

What’s changing and when?

From 1st September 2019:

  • If your PTA are organising a firework/bonfire event and you are setting off the fireworks, then approval is needed in advance of the event (giving as much notice as possible) from Zurich Insurance plc – please contact them on 0800 232 1927 for more information.
  • Your policy will now include enhanced cover from Zurich Insurance plc to deal with instances of crime:

The crime extension covers your PTA where you incur a financial loss resulting from;

  • Direct losses of money, property or securities arising from fraud committed by employees or volunteers, such as an employee or member stealing money
  • Computer fraud – theft resulting from hacking into PTA’s computer systems by a third party, i.e. hoax emails
  • Funds transfer fraud - theft of funds by fraudulent transfer by third parties, such as account scams
  • Forgery and counterfeiting – false signatures or amendments to documents etc., or currency crime, by third parties

Please note that the Material Damage or Money covers will respond in the event of theft of your property.

Please see your Insurance Summary document, provided by Zurich Insurance plc for details of insurance and levels of cover.

If you’re in membership with Parentkind and you have any questions please call the team on 0300 123 5460 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm) or email

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