Last minute Christmas quick-wins for your PTA


Got a Christmas event coming up in the next few weeks? If you realise you have a stall missing, you need more volunteers, or someone cancels, here’s some ideas to help:

Last-minute ideas:

  • Christmas cup bounce: Get red or green cups, make them into a Christmas tree shape and put small prizes in some of the cups (sweets or similar), 50p a go, land a ping pong ball in a prize to win.
  • Reindeer food: get plenty of Tupperware pots, fill them with various reindeer food ingredients (see RSPCA recommendations), then get bags for children to fill up at a small cost.
  • Other quick Christmas games: we have a few with ready to print pictures and signs in our PTA Resources including drop the coin on Rudolph’s nose, pin the carrot on the snowman and Rudolph’s magic carrots.
  • Ideas of older children:
    Teachers in disguise competition – get teachers to dress up in Christmas disguise, take photos and print them for a quiz of who’s who.
    An easy nail painting stall – ask someone to paint nails, include some glitter or Christmas stickers to make it festive (easy to set up if someone can provide the stuff for it).
  • Face painting designs: see our Pinterest board with pictures for inspiration for the day.
  • Save time wrapping: get some stripy paper bags, or brown paper and jazz up with pens and stickers (no need for sellotape!) Saves buying expensive paper and time on wrapping.
  • Letters to Santa: print these from the PTA resources to occupy little ones waiting for Santa at the fair.
  • Lucky dip box: Does your office do shredding? Grab a bag of cuttings from your shredder for a lucky dip. Also if your work ever gets rid of cardboard boxes ask if you can save them for use at the fair.

Need more volunteers?

  • Have one last go at getting parents to help by asking the school to send out a call for volunteers by text or email. Let them know that whatever time they can spare is helpful, even just half an hour.
  • You could ask all of your existing volunteers to bring a plus one, a great way to double your helpers.
  • Ask your work colleagues if they can spare a few hours. Maybe get a few together at lunch to wrap some presents or label some prizes with you? Even better if your company offers volunteering leave – get them along on the day for set up, manning a stall or if they’re up for it dress up as an elf to help Santa!
  • Ask a local Facebook group for helpers, or do a shout out on your own social page.
  • If your Santa drops out last-minute, what about having Mrs Claus? Or speak to a nearby school who have already had their fair and see if the same Santa can help out.
  • Get your family involved! Ask everyone you can to help you prepare leading up to the event or on the day. A great way to get family together one evening too.
  • Got too much on your plate? Delegate to your advantage by giving people specific tasks with deadlines to help tick off jobs on your list.

If you're a Parentkind member take a look at your Insurance FAQs (provided by Zurich Insurance plc) ahead of your event for more information about activities like face painting. 

See our Christmas A-Z and Pinterest for even more easy PTA ideas. We hope all your winter events go brilliantly this season!

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