Have your say on updated home to school transport guidance


The government in Westminster is consulting on their new guidance for home to school transport arrangements, which was last updated in 2014. If you're a parent whose child attends a state-funded school in England, and you rely on subsidised travel arrangements, you can use the opportunity to tell decision-makers whether or not you find their proposed updates helpful or reassuring. They want to know if you think the new guidance is clear and easy to understand, and if you believe it could be further improved.

What do I need to know?

There has been no change to the legislation on home to school travel and transport, so how your child gets to and from school is not about to change. However, guidance that Local Authorities (LAs) in charge of education have to follow has been updated. LAs’ duties include providing travel arrangements for children of school age.  The  government's stated aim is "to support local authorities in putting in place lawful policies which are easy for parents to understand".

Why has the guidance been updated?

The government has reviewed the section on driver training and included new guidance on transporting pupils with medical needs in response to concerns raised by the coroner following the tragic death of a child on school transport.

What input from parents are they looking for?

If you have concerns about drivers' abilities to respond to emergency situations, and their level of training on transporting children with specific medical needs, then the guidance has been expanded to meet these requirements. If you have ideas on how local authorities can introduce positive strategies to manage behaviour on home to school transport, the government welcomes your ideas on this area too. Finally, if you have a view on whether or not the revised guidance will require local authorities to spend more or less on home to school transport than they currently budget for, then you can give your view on changing costs.

How can I respond?

See all of the details and ways to have your say on the consultation.

You have until Thursday 31st October 2019 to respond.

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