Coronavirus and schools: take our latest parents' survey


Do you have five minutes to spare? We have just released the fourth of our parent snapshot surveys charting the impact the Covid-19 pandemic is having on family life and children's education, and we'd love you to take part.

Making parent voice heard

From the moment the UK governments announced that we would go into lockdown in March 2020, we measured how parents were coping and what they were most concerned about. Results from our first three polls have been shared with education agencies, policymakers and partners as well as being cited on national TV news and in many newspaper stories. This has ensured that parents' voices have been amplified and heard as part of the national conversation about education, schools and the impact of Covid-19.

Now that schools have re-opened to all pupils, but outbreaks of coronavirus are affecting secondary schools in particular, it’s time to check in again with parents as we approach half term in the new academic year. We will share the results with policymakers and education agencies across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and the media. This will ensure that the pressure on parents in supporting their child’s learning and the impact on family life stays high on the education agenda.

Take our survey


The survey is open to anybody living in England, Wales or Northern Ireland who has a school-aged child. We would encourage you to share the survey with friends, family, colleagues and parent groups so that we capture the views of as many parents as possible.

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