Celebrate your parent group on International Volunteer Day


In September, we invited responses to our annual member survey. Since then, we have been looking at the contributions you make to the educational lives of children across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. While we are still analyzing the impact each of you makes, we wanted to share a few key findings so far on International Volunteer Day (Monday 5th December). 

Key findings

  • Our parent member groups spend around three million hours a year volunteering their time in schools nationwide. That’s over 200 hours per year each of you gives as part of your PTA.
  • The average value of your individual volunteering is over £1,500 per year.  Collectively for our associations that’s a huge contribution of over £20 million a year's worth of volunteering time for schools throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • Three out of four (76%) of you volunteer your time and skills for your PTA while also in full- or part-time work. 

    We were delighted to learn that funds raised were spent on a range of resources to support the education of every child including books, playground equipment, tablets and school trips.

    Emma Williams, Executive Director, PTA UK, commented: “Our research shows just how important parental involvement in schools is in our children’s education today. Children are benefitting from additional support in the classroom, for example, with parents volunteering to read with them or accompanying them on trips; being school governors and through their fundraising efforts providing equipment which enhances their learning. This unsung army of volunteers is truly a force for good in our schools and their efforts should be recognised, encouraged and praised.”

    We will be publicising these results and spreading the word about the amazing work of all of our members in the coming months once we gain a full picture, but we wanted to share the story so far with you. International Volunteer Day celebrates the contributions of all those who give up their time, skills and energy to assist with great causes the world over. So why not share these results on social media to showcase the excellent work you have done, using the hashtag #InternationalVolunteerDay?


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