Minister Ford blog for Parentkind on free school meals while learning at home

Vicky Ford MP
26 January 2021
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All children deserve healthy and nutritious food. Children and Families Minister Vicky Ford MP tells us more about what the Government is doing in England to ensure all eligible children receive nutritious free school meals while they are learning at home.

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Homeschooling - a parent's point of view

The Private Parent
25 January 2021
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Our children are 12 (secondary) and 10 (primary). They have no learning difficulties and we are lucky enough to have plenty of space and IT equipment. My husband and I are both lucky enough to able to work from home. This means that we can be here to support and guide rather than actually teach them.

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Tell Ofsted about your child's school

Sean Harford
20 August 2019
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When Ofsted is inspecting a school, they gather information from many different sources to build up a detailed picture, Sean Harford, Ofsted's National Director of Education tells us. How do they look at information provided by parents?

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