Due to COVI9-19 our training workshops have been suspended. We are working to bring more of our training into a live online delivery format. If you are interested in finding out more about our training workshops for schools, including new online developments please contact

Our programme of workshops is designed to set you up for success when it comes to parental engagement at your school. Supported by parent insight, parental engagement research and live case studies, we currently offer:

Leadership Foundation: A whole school approach to Parental Engagement to Parental Engagement 

Using Parentkind’s holistic evidence based framework, this workshop supports you, as a leader, to build your whole school approach strategies to create a robust and inclusive plan to support school improvement in your setting. 

Masterclass: Developing a Parent Council 

After exploring the benefits of a Parent Council, and with a clear definition of what a Parent Council is, this half day session will support you in designing a tailored plan of action to develop and successfully maintain an effective Parent Council at your school, in order to establish and build great parent partnerships. 

Masterclass: Overcoming Barriers to Parental Engagement 

This interactive workshop allows you to bring your school’s specific barriers to one of our expert trainers, spending a half day tackling the issues that underpin it. You will come away with a strategy to break down each barrier to enable you to you gain more support from parents and build stronger parent relationships. 

Coming soon

Masterclass: Conflict Resolution
Every parent has a different perception and interpretation of school communications – this workshop is designed to break down those barriers of conflict between those hard to reach parents and your school. Looking at conflict soft skills, this course is aimed at supporting your school staff with managing conflict with parents to come away with positive resolutions.

Individual ticket prices:

Foundation workshop: £200 + VAT
Masterclasses: £125 + VAT

In-house workshops for up to 25 delegates:
Foundation workshop: £1200 + VAT (£48 per delegate)
Masterclasses: £900 + VAT (£36 per delegate)

The workshops are led by our network of expert trainers, who received 100% positive feedback on their training technique, subject knowledge and experience within the sector (2019 feedback surveys). From ex-Ofsted inspectors to parental Engagement Champions, our trainers know their stuff and can support you in using parental engagement as a lever for school improvement.

Lisa Littlewood, Edgar Stammers Primary Academy:

With the help of Parentkind’s training courses, we’ve gone from parents not crossing the school threshold, to parents who are now engaging with the school regularly and positively, which is hugely beneficial for the children.

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