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Parentkind is excited to be working with The Maths Factor created by Carol Vorderman and Pearson to share some of their useful resources for parents.

Resources cover topics like how to bring maths in to daily life for your family, some handy guides for maths methods and models that may have changed since you were at school and everything you need to know about growth mindset in maths! Please take a look through and do let us know if there are any other maths topics you’d like to find out more about!

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Tackling maths anxiety

We asked two leading parental engagement experts some questions about the role parents and carers have to play when it comes to preventing and tackling maths anxiety among children. And, here’s what we learned…

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Bake with Carol

A brilliant summer activity to keep young minds engaged over the holidays. Answer some simple sums to make a showstopper cake!

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News, views and FAQs

Some of the methods and models used in primary maths are different now from when I was at school – how do I find out more?

A good place to start is directly with the school, many have this information on their website, or you can contact your child’s teacher. The school may also run maths evenings for parents, so get in touch with them to find out more. The Maths Factor has also provided some information about some of these methods and models which you can see here.

How can I make maths fun?

There are lots of ways to bring maths in to daily games and activities including measuring when baking, adding up shopping prices and playing games like dominoes. Have a look at this guide provided by Pearson that provides some fun ideas for each primary age group.

I’ve heard about a growth mindset, but what is it?

Carol Dweck is a Psychologist from America, and her groundbreaking work has had a huge impact on educational practice (Dweck, 2007). Her research shows that everyone has a mindset – an idea about their own potential which determines their beliefs and behaviours. Those with a growth mindset believe that hard work, effort and commitment contribute towards success – it is within everyone’s power to do well and to succeed. Studies have repeatedly shown that learners with a growth mindset achieve more in school and later on in life. Read more here.

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