PTA finances

Although the elected Treasurer ensures he/she keeps accurate financial records and operates best practice procedures (eg when counting money at an event, banking and making payments, producing regular reports), the committee as a whole are responsible and accountable for running the association, including the management of PTA funds.

Here are some quick pointers and tips to consider:

  • Your PTA needs to open their own bank account. The fund raised belong to the PTA and not to the school so only the elected committee members should have access to the funds.
  • Most banks will offer charity or community accounts. You will need to see what is available to you locally. Most banks will ask to see a copy of your AGM notes and a copy of your Constitution (governing documents). Only elected committee members should be signatories on the bank account.
  • Create a financial procedure so the elected committee members know how a payment will be processed – the policy should contain details on the authorisation process and key points like spending limits and handing over receipts in a timely manner to the Treasurer.
  • When you come into membership with Parentkind, we offer further advice on our website for managing PTA funds, helpful tips for treasurers and a guide to setting up a bank account.

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