About Parentkind

Established in 1956, Parentkind (formerly PTA UK) is a charity that aims to:

advance education by encouraging the fullest cooperation between home and school, education authorities, central government and all other interested parties and bodies.

Our mission is to tirelessly support and champion all the ways parents can participate in education and have their voices heard. We want to be a powerful force for good in education in the UK that strives to bring homes and schools together for the good of all children and society as a whole.

In February 2018 we changed our name from PTA UK to Parentkind. We did this to help achieve this mission and better reflect the range of ways in which we will support all parents and carers in their child’s education and school life.

We are proud to be the leading membership organisation for parent teacher associations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our member associations (PTAs, PTFAs, Friends Associations, Home School Associations, Parent Councils, Parent Forums to name a few) come in all shapes and sizes, so Parentkind seeks to represent all these parent groups as they strive to help every child in their school.

As well as helping parent groups on the ground, we provide resources to support parent participation in education at school and at home so that every child can thrive and reach their potential. 

Overall, we want more parents involved and engaged in their child’s education, and in more ways at home and at school. We are working towards a future where this is considered an essential ingredient in the success of our children’s education by society, schools and parents themselves by:

  • Engaging and inspiring individual parents
  • Supporting our PTA and other member associations
  • Helping schools be parent-friendly through guidance and training
  • Working with partners
  • Championing parents’ role in education and school life to education sector interests and policy makers.

Here you can read a bit more about our change of name.

Download our latest impact report to find out more about the impact we and our members are making.

Read our 2018-2020 strategy document.

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